MOTA @ CES 2016 Las Vegas

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Take your flying skills to the next level.

MOTA JETJAT Nano drone

Fly to the limits of your imagination.

MOTA Wireless Charger
for GoPro

The next generation of charging.

MOTA DOI SmartRing

Connectivity at your fingertips.

MOTA SmartWatch

It is way more than a watch.

More power and elegance for your iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus.

Providing an additional 4,000 mAh of raw energy combined with a slim design and protective casing, you’re ready to take on the world.

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Connectivity at your fingertips.

MOTA DOI SmartRing keeps you connected with who you want. Check your calls, texts, email and social networking in style.



Jan. 6-9, Las Vegas

Drones and Much More

Booth #72749, Sands Expo

Hot on the contrails of our red-hot JETJAT™ Nano we’re unveiling six more drones for commercial applications and consumer fun! From auto-follow to fully programmable autonomous flight, MOTA Series commercial drones are workhorses adaptable to any task. Consumers get a camera on two new JETJAT models. One of them is the smallest drone to capture video! Plus our highly-rated Wireless Charger for GoPro, breakthrough SmartRing for notifications, and lots of other cool products.

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Soar to the skies.

MOTA JETJAT™ Nano is the world’s smallest, lightest drone. Fly solo or with friends and family indoors or out. Four powerful propellers, precision controls, pro features, incredibly durable build add up to a ton of fun! Learn More ►

A Fan. To Go.

Stay refreshed in style everywhere you go! Direct your breeze just where you want it with soft-touch flexible gooseneck and blades. Included USB adapters (Apple Lightning optional!) allow powering FanFan from almost any device. Learn More ►

Portable power you can trust.

MOTA offers a unique line of external power batteries that provide a solution to any individual. From small charge cards to universal power banks, these useful gadgets gets the job done.