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Best Kept Secrets of the SmartWatch

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Wearable technology can be a touchy topic for some. Every major tech company now has their own versions (albeit highly inadequate versions) of smartwatches that profess to check your email, clean your apartment, and brighten your highlights.

But what do smartwatches really have to offer? The smartwatch brands that profess to be able to make dreams come true and keep Courtney Love out of the bar all at the same time (sorry Courtney), are usually very bulky, come in obnoxious colors (or maybe just noxious), and basically look like they were designed for people who never have to use their wrists.

But now that you’ve discovered the MOTA SmartWatch and recognize all the sleek chic-ness that it offers, how do you convince your friends that this smartwatch is different from all the other ones on the market? Three simple tips are below:  Read More


10 Amazing Things You Can Do With 3D printers.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to create your own toy or model figurine? Whether it’s doodling in elementary school, sketching cartoons in middle school, creating realistic artwork in high school, or designing architectural building blueprints in college; every person had the same thought cross their mind at some point in their life. What if my drawings became real?

Drawing on paper with pencils and crayons are a thing of the past. Today’s technology allows us to do much more. The new MOTA 3D printer has the ability to bring all your images to life, making your art become a visual treat.  Now you can design and create your own detailed models right from the comfort of your home!

1) Can you believe this sweet fully functional camera was made by 3D printing?

Camera Credit to: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:113865 by LeoM


So what’s with the hype on 3D printers? Should I buy one for myself? What can I possibly make using a new 3D printer? We’ll let the awesome pictures below answer those questions for you. Read More

Choosing the Perfect SmartWatch to Suit Your Style

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Choosing an electronic device is hard enough, without having to add the extra chore of finding one that matches your style. As we’ve jumped from one technological advancement to the next, a growing trend of having a “stylish” device has developed. Giving those of us who are a little less tech and a little more sass, the dilemma of having to choose between having a capable device vs. having a pretty one. Read More

Dr. Sanjay Gupta explores 3D Printing for the use of Medicine

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In this video Dr. Sanjay Gupta explores 3D printing to re-create human organs.

Instead of ink, living human cells are now coming out of 3D printers. Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN explores the world of 3D printing as a medicinal tool. Doctors and scientists are using 3D printers to create skin graphs and human organ tissue in order to help ailing patients who suffer from cancer or organ failure. Many of the patents are pending FDA approval, however, the goals to be able to print a functioning organ.