Best Kept Secrets of the SmartWatch

By April 11, 2014Blog, Fun

Wearable technology can be a touchy topic for some. Every major tech company now has their own versions (albeit highly inadequate versions) of smartwatches that profess to check your email, clean your apartment, and brighten your highlights.

But what do smartwatches really have to offer? The smartwatch brands that profess to be able to make dreams come true and keep Courtney Love out of the bar all at the same time (sorry Courtney), are usually very bulky, come in obnoxious colors (or maybe just noxious), and basically look like they were designed for people who never have to use their wrists.

But now that you’ve discovered the MOTA SmartWatch and recognize all the sleek chic-ness that it offers, how do you convince your friends that this smartwatch is different from all the other ones on the market? Three simple tips are below: 

  1. Comfort: The MOTA SmartWatch G2 is as light as a feather. Okay, not that light, but close enough. You can play sports, write papers, get down in the club, or even volunteer to be a test subject at your local science facility all while wearing this watch. No type of movement will be hindered by wearing the G2. The only thing we recommend not doing is submersing your body  in any type of water or fluid while wearing the watch. The G2 is not water/fluid proof, yet.

2.    It’s time to get with the times: Literally. Gone are the days of wearing a watch that just tells the time. After all, that’s what cell phones are for. Now that the technology and the option is here, there’s no reason to sport a watch that can’t connect to your phone. With all the fun adventures to be had, there’s no way someone can be glued to their cell phone when they could simply stay connected in an easy and hands-free way. Ease and staying current – all with the SmartWatch G2.

3. Affordable: Even your cheapest friends can’t argue that the $79.99 price tag on the SmartWatch G2 isn’t a good deal. Never mind the style and comfort, the price tag alone should be enough to win over the cheapskates in your life.

So there you have it. Three tips that should make your friends fight over who gets the SmartWatch G2 first. But don’t let them steal your thunder. The SmartWatch G2 revolution was all your idea.

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