Choosing the Perfect SmartWatch to Suit Your Style

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Choosing an electronic device is hard enough, without having to add the extra chore of finding one that matches your style. As we’ve jumped from one technological advancement to the next, a growing trend of having a “stylish” device has developed. Giving those of us who are a little less tech and a little more sass, the dilemma of having to choose between having a capable device vs. having a pretty one.

Edwards and Carradine from Revenge of the Nerds

We’ve seen those computer nerds walking around the college campus. Khakis pulled up high; eyes glued to their bulky smartwatches. Holding the watches up to their ear, aimlessly scrolling through limitless menus trying to find something.

Sure, those devices may get the job done. But are they stylish? No. Are they easy to use? Most are not. And are they lightweight? No. Weight is an important factor since the main home for these devices lay on your own body. And with the growing trend of smart watches galore, how can you – a young, stylish, tech savvy maven find a smartwatch that won’t weigh down your wrist or fail you on the tech side? The answer starts with MOTA.

MOTA has a history of stylish designs. Now, MOTA once again transcends the style mark with its SmartWatch Generation 2 (G2). The MOTA SmartWatch G2 is the first fashionable smart watch with phone answering capabilities, caller ID, and Bluetooth 2.1 voice technology, which lets you control the functions of your watch effortlessly.

The SmartWatch G2 is lightweight and comes with 2-3 hours of talk time and 72 stand-by hours. The design is sleek and simple, and comes in a large array of colors – making it a perfect match for daytime or evening outfits.

The MOTA SmartWatch will alert you of incoming calls by vibration and will provide the number of any caller. The Anti-lost function will alert you when you walk more than 5 feet away from your phone.

Hands free and music player Bluetooth profiles are key features of this gem. And to accommodate the petite, two sizes are available: 7.5” or 7”.

The MOTA SmartWatch G2 will be the envy of your friends and be on the lust list of even the most technical genius. So get creative and show your unique style, all while experiencing the newest technology.

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