Get Ready for Blockchain Drones

It's time for Drones and Robots to Power the World

Blockchain A.I. Powered Drones

Ever-expanding power of drones and robots combined with blockchain data intelligence

Database of Information

Blockchain-backed Database for operator, time, location, handlers, flight information in a tamper-resistant format

Increase in Drone Safety

Decentralized expanding-map using Peer-to-peer Network for Safe Fly Zone and Crash Data

Largest Drone Network

Using The Drones as Economic Agents, Share of information for overall increase in intelligence of the entire system

About MOTA

We are one of the only Drone Companies in the United States. We design, manufacture, and market
drones, targeting the high-end consumers and professional sectors.

We were established in 2003 as Aviation Software Company, Expanded into Avaiation Products (2006), and Consumer ELectronics (2011), Aviation Drone (2013-Today), Robotic Drones (2018+) We have Worldwide known brands, Member of FAA Drone Safety Commission (UAST), Winner of Multiple Awards, and Soon, the First Consumer Drone Company in National Exchange