Father’s Day Flash Sale!

By June 19, 2015Blog, Events, Fun, Product

Did you know Father’s Day was invented by a woman? More than 100 years ago Sonora Dodd proposed a day to honor fathers. Her idea spread throughout America but wasn’t recognized nationwide until 1966.

Ms. Dodd was partial to roses for Father’s Day. This year Americans want consumer electronics for our dads. We’ll spend about $2 billion on Father’s Day gadgets, more than on sporting goods and home improvement tools combined.

And MOTA’s just made it easier for you to get the perfect gift for your dad or anyone in your life.

Visit our shop for some incredible prices on a selection of products in our first-ever Father’s Day Flash Sale!

Whether it’s our exclusive MOTA DOI SmartRing that lets the wearer decide who or what can notify them, to battery cases that keep people going when their phone’s battery won’t, you’ll be able to stay in touch with the people who matter.

Now you can save a bundle in the process. Just don’t put it off. Quantities are limited, and the event ends at midnight, Sunday, June 21.

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