Get More Out of Every Flight ― Announcing the Lily Next-Gen Remote Controller™

By October 2, 2018Blog

Fitting comfortably in your hands, the compact controller offers a greater range in flying the Lily Next-Gen, up to 2,625 feet (800 meters) for flight control and video. That compares a range of up to 400 feet (120 meters) over using a mobile phone alone.*

The Lily Next-Gen Remote Controller has dual precision joysticks to help you hand-fly with greater accuracy whenever you like.

It folds to pocket size, and its joysticks and dual antennas fit snugly inside it, so it’s as easy to take anywhere as its drone.

Its integrated Smart Battery has a life of up to four hours per charge, more than enough time for almost any drone use.

* Flight control and video signal range are in open air free of any interference. The range for flight control and video may vary independently depending on environmental conditions, obstructions such as buildings and sources of electromagnetic interference such as cellular phone towers. Do not fly a drone beyond visual line of sight. Not all phones may be compatible in size.

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