Portable Thrills.

Fits Inside It's Own Controller!



World's Smallest, Lightest Drone


Soar Like an Eagle.

Agile and fast: zoom at high speeds, hover, perform flips and acrobatics.


NolaBayouBoy, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★ October 19, 2015

“Just plain fun to fly.”

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MOTA JETJAT Nano quiet, easy to fly and small drone next to controller, red

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MOTA JETJAT Nano small, easy to fly and quiet drone inside controller, black

The power of an aircraft in your hands. Effortless flight.

With a 2.4 GHz wireless signal and 4-channel controller, JETJAT Nano is incredibly versatile, able to soar up to 75ft with you in control.

“Would I recommend this product?

Absolutely, in a JetJat Nano second.”

Alekas, Amazon Reviewer
★★★★★ October 17, 2015

Play anywhere, anytime.

JETJAT Nano fits right inside its controller with a snap-on cap to keep it secure. Beginning to fly is as easy as taking out the Nano and switching it on.

MOTA JETJAT Nano quiet, easy to fly and small drone next to controller, black

Involve friends, family, everyone.

Simple enough for novices, with pro features for serious flyers, JETJAT brings the thrill of flight to all.

The best device for taunting cats since the laser pointer.

WIRED Magazine

The most fun flying that I have had in years!

Sharon Truax, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★ October 16, 2015

Fun, portable and inexpensive toy that everyone in the family can easily learn and use and play with

ira_est_a_donum, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★ October 28, 2015

This little drone was actually quite remarkable ... Even though it is the size of a matchbox car, it is still very responsive.

Genesia, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★ November 16, 2015

Size is everything. You might be thinking that bigger is better but this is definitely the inverse when it comes to this drone.

John Lee, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★ November 7, 2015

The material and workmanship of the drone as well as the controller is high quality.

Jay Dave, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★ November 3, 2015

Technical Specifications

Product Features

  • Small and quiet for covert ops
  • Weighs under 1/2 ounce! Lightweight and portable design, bring with you while traveling
  • Aerial maneuvers include flips, rotations, flying sideways and more!
  • Multi-axis accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Hours and hours of fun

Device Specifications:

  • 2.4 GHz Signal
  • 0.4 oz.
  • 22 mm long, 22 mm wide, 20 mm high
  • Rechargeable battery (Drone)
  • 75-foot range

Package Contents:

  • 4-Channel Controller
  • JETJAT Nano


Download Owner’s Manual for JETJAT Nano.

Download QuickStart for JETJAT Nano.

Download MOTA JETJAT Nano Flier.