Meet the New Kids on the Block

The freedom and excitement of flight is the inspiration behind the all new MOTA JETJAT Series. Designed for more than just the hobbyist, the JETJAT Series promotes an aerial experience tailored for the average electronics enthusiast. Our drones are easy to fly right out of the box and reinvent the meaning of fun with the latest in drone technology. Features like the auto-hover and 360 degree flips, highlight the dexterity of these versatile air-hogging stunt devils. Try one now!

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World’s Smallest and Lightest Drone.


The JETJAT® Nano is the world’s smallest consumer drone designed to deliver affordability and fun to every household. It packs incredible speed and agility, granting pilots 8 minutes of fun indoors or out. The drone comes in two unique color ways designed to sparkle under the sun. JETJAT® Nano is the perfect size for novice pilots and the ideal stocking stuffer for the holidays.

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Get front seat action with our new


No pocket drone can rival the performance and quality of the Nano-C, at only 32 mm in length this miniature drone is the perfect combination of speed, looks and video recording capability. Mounted with a built-in .3 megapixel camera, the Nano-C lets you blaze through the sky and record live action footage. So agile and shifty it can even fly upside down, on its side or challenge friends to a freestyle battle and perform stunts and flips.

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Unbounded Flight


Now you can experience aerial freedom with the JETJAT® Live-W straight from the pilot’s seat! Wi-Fi capabilities allow you to live video stream your airborne adventures directly to your mobile device. Experience a real life birds-eye-view with our ultra high performance video capturing sky hawk; JETJAT® Live-W.

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World’s Easiest Drone


NEVER BEFORE SEEN features drop the threshold of skills needed for drones to ANYONE WHO WANTS TO FLY. Hover-ready and Throw to Fly capable, this drone will make anybody an expert drone pilot in minutes. Let your friends try the newest toy drone out there, or even let Grandma fly it around the house. We wanted to give every person out there the opportunity to experience drone flight at its best, and we have succeeded with JETJAT ULTRA.

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