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The all-in-one automatic 4K camera drone is finally here. Lily Next-Gen™ is here to provide the one button solution to capturing those unforgettable moments.


Lily’s optics are finely tuned to capture stunning pictures and videos from the skies with 4K video and 13MP stills.

One-Touch Functionality

Lily is built with simplicity in mind. With One-touch take off and landing and Smart Hover™ technology to keep you stabilized at all times.

Ultra Portable

Take Lily with you anywhere, with foldable legs and blades.
We designed Lily to fit easily in any backpack and still handle high winds when flying.

Flight Time

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lily Camera?

Lily is the world’s next-generation camera drone. Instructions are as easy as it can get. Lily flies itself and uses Smart Hover™ Technology, GPS, and computer vision to follow you around, or take 360 inward or outward. You can also watch all your recordings on your phone via Lily-3D Converter App! We made this so simple that a caveman can do it!

Lily comes fully-loaded with extra battery, Rapid-Fast Charger, Carrying Case, Ultra-Compact Design and can shoot up to 4K of pictures and videos. The age of the complicated drones are over!

How much does Lily cost?

Lily Next-Gen 2017 is offered at retail price of $699 USD. Lily comes fully-loaded with extra battery (up to 36 min combined), Rapid-Fast Charger, Carrying Case, Extra Parts, Ultra-Compact Design and can shoot up to 4K of pictures and videos.

Only for the first few days we have an Exclusive Offer that you can order Lily today for $499 USD and it ships within 30 days for free world-wide.

How do I get my Lily?

You can order a Lily via our website. We will be fulfilling direct orders first and as soon as we fulfill the orders in the next 30 days we will have the drone through major distribution worldwide including top big-box retailers but at the full MSRP price.

What do I get when I order a Lily?

  • A Lily Camera, Next-Gen 2017
  • Rapid-Fast Charger, so you don’t have to wait long to charge the battery
  • Extra Battery, giving you up to 36 min of combined flying time
  • Charging Cable
  • Extra Propellers
  • Propeller Guards
  • Portable Carrying Case
  • 16 GB SD Card
  • User Manual
  • (Optional) Loss/Damage Protection
  • (Optional) 3D Converter

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