MOTA Re-Introduces Carrier Pigeon Delivery; Hipsters Flock to Service

By April 1, 2015Blog, Fun, News

Tired of unreliable tracking systems that give you a vague location of your packages? Want absolutely, positively air shipping at a low, low price? MOTA is now combining its Anti-Lost Bluetooth Companion with the original power of flight for product delivery!

Introducing a retro way of delivery: Carrier Pigeon Delivery.

MOTA Carrier Pigeon Delivery

Today only, MOTA is giving our valued customers the option to select this proven and effective (if messy) delivery method. Drone parcel delivery is still in its infancy and catapults have had their day. Carrier Pigeon Delivery gives customers a nostalgic glimpse of past with the innovation of the future!  Pigeons have always been known for delivering messages swiftly during wartime and for their direction-finding abilities, and now, they’re delivering our fun products right to your door.

To take advantage of Carrier Pigeon Delivery, simply go to our MOTA Shop and add any or all of our products into your cart. You will receive a download app link so you can start tracking your very own pigeon!

But wait, there’s more! You can keep and re-use your pigeon to deliver personal messages, tweets or coos, and photos. We’ll even include a week’s worth of pigeon food!

These days, smartphones, tablets and emails are so mainstream. Who wants to constantly worry if they have cellular service or not? With a pigeon, all you have to do is find a way to store an 11- to 14-inch wild animal on your person, provide it food and affection, then let it fly when the time is right. Don’t have an Instagram account? Just take a selfie with your Polaroid, attach it to your pigeon along with the Anti-Lost Bluetooth Companion, and start tracking your message!

Pigeons naturally have magnetoreception, an instinct enabling them to detect a magnetic field in order to perceive direction, altitude and location.  By equipping a pigeon with the MOTA Anti-Lost Bluetooth Companion, you’ll receive an alert informing you the location of the pigeon and your package.

Hurry before time runs out; this is special service is ONLY available today, April 1st, or actually for the next second or two, whichever comes first.

*Disclaimer: Absolutely no animals were used in the testing, development and training for MOTA Carrier Pigeon Delivery. We actually don’t have any carrier pigeons nearby, or if there are, they were hiding. Pigeons are only pointed in your correct general direction once a package is onboarded. Flights may be delayed or discontinued due to high winds, large oceans, the occasional falcon, sunspots, or other event outside of our, your, or the pigeon’s control. MOTA is not responsible for any packages being dropped, mistaken for food, buried, pooped-upon, or refused by the carrier, which any responsible pigeon would do.

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