MOTA: Solving Tech Pet Peeves

By March 13, 2015Blog, Fun, News, Product

Pet peeves. We all  have them.  Whether it’s unnecessarily shortened words (à la prezzo for presentation), replying to all instead of just to the sender, or when someone says “literally” but they really mean “figuratively,” a few things can frustrate us to no end.

But what about pet peeves in technology?

Literally Definition

Google’s definition of “literally” is literally the most confusing thing ever.

The Wall Street Journal recently published The 12 Tech Nuisances That Annoy Us Most, highlighting the most annoying frustrations users face with new technology. Topping the list was endless notifications followed by short-lived battery life, two problems MOTA helps solve.

Whether it’s an invitation to play Trivia Crack, group messages or yet another app alert, the bombardment of notifications can be overwhelming.  Our solution is the MOTA SmartRing, a wearable that acts as a notification hub on a finger. Thanks to its VIP feature, the SmartRing lets you control which updates come through and even lets you create a list of VIP contacts worthy of your ring time. “We need new ways to separate the helpful notifications from the flood of irrelevant ones,” the Journal wrote. Our SmartRing takes the single most innovative – and we think helpful – approach to notifications ever.

Next on the list is poor battery life. Most of us are constantly connected via smartphones, and we’ve all felt our anxiety levels go up as the battery meter winds down.  Our solution is our line of Portable Power products.  With a variety of sizes and power capacity, like our 12,000 mAh power bank and iPhone 6 battery cases, our portable power solutions feed your devices ample juice so you can stay connected as long as you like. As we continue into 2015, we’re excited to be providing people with problem-solving gadgets that help make technology and our lives frustration free.

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