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MOTA JETJAT Nano drone

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Connectivity on your finger.

MOTA DOI SmartRing keeps you connected with who you want. Check your calls, texts, email and social networking in style.


Toys and Much More

Booth #4989, Javits Center

Toy Fair 2016 will mark the first time our JETJAT drones will take flight in public! Following the rave reviews garnered by our trailblazing JETJAT Nano, we decided it was time to show the world the rest of our toys. Nano-C, the Nano’s big brother, comes equipped with a camera to shoot images, record video and it’s merely the size of a gumball. Add a few more gumballs and you get the Live-W, small enough to hold on one hand and smart enough to record live streams. Check out our drones, fire truck engine, mini construction toy set and more of our premium toys.

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Soar to the skies.

MOTA JETJAT™ Nano is the world’s smallest, lightest drone. Fly solo or with friends and family indoors or out. Four powerful propellers, precision controls, pro features, incredibly durable build add up to a ton of fun! Learn More ►

A Fan. To Go.

Stay refreshed in style everywhere you go! Direct your breeze just where you want it with soft-touch flexible gooseneck and blades. Included USB adapters (Apple Lightning optional!) allow powering FanFan from almost any device. Learn More ►