MOTA Drones

The Ultimate Drone Has Landed


MOTA @ IFA 2016

TecWatch Hall 11.1, Stand 16



Fingertip-sized Fun, Life-sized Adventure



Fly to the limits of your imagination.



Extended flight time and range.


Form New Ideas.

Fun for all ages.


Classic Toy Train Set

Blows real smoke and makes authentic sounds.


Now Arriving

One Touch Drone for Everyone

We have truly created a drone for everyone, big or small, old or young. Our JETJAT ULTRA drone will have everything you want in a JETJAT, with brand new commercial grade features, like one touch landing, take off, and auto hover.

Fly Now
jetjat ultra mini toy drone


Fly Commercial

Our professional line of commercial grade drones have many industrial applications in all types of industries, security, transport or agricultural to name a few. Our drones will constantly be getting updates so you will always be up to date with the latest.

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Flying Fun for Everyone

Our JETJAT line of toy drones give the experience of flight to anyone. Most all these drones can fit your palm and are incredibly intuitive and fun to fly. Don’t take our word for it, fly one for yourselves!

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Fly with MOTA

IFA 2016

September 2-7 Berlin

TecWatch Hall 11.1, Stand 16

MOTA is in full throttle as we enter the latter half of 2016. Feel the G-Force as we make our way across the world to Berlin. See how our strong line of drones will become the business solution for many industries and give kids the experience of flight right in their backyard.


Charge Wirelessly.

Charge your GoPro outdoors in its housing case. This is the ultimate charging method for your GoPro HERO3, HERO3+, and HERO4 cameras. Now it’s possible to explore past your GoPro’s comfort zone Adventure to sights never-before-seen.
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Power Up.

We don’t pick sides at MOTA. Whether your an iOS or Android user, we have a Premium Battery Case for you. Keep protected and powered up with our sleek cases that have status lights on the back and a power button to hold your power for later when you really need it.
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They Won’t Even Know You Left!

Time to be your pet’s best friend. Our pet feeder lets you schedule up to 6 meals every 24 hours, customize portions to any dog. Set it and forget it, the hopper can store enough food for over a week. Record your voice to let them know its time to eat!
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A Fan. To Go.

Stay refreshed in style everywhere you go! Direct your breeze just where you want it with soft-touch flexible gooseneck and blades. Included USB adapters (Apple Lightning optional!) allow powering FanFan™ from almost any device.
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