The Future of Flight is Drones

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Reporters from Bloomberg News had their eyes opened at the Singapore Airshow this month.

“The future of aviation is on display in a cavernous exhibition hall at Asia’s largest airshow,” they wrote, “and it’s drones.”

For the last few months, we‘ve been asking people to imagine a world, where, when you open your door, drones will be flying everywhere.

That future is now.

Drones have made inroads at lightning speed against manned aircraft like helicopters and planes, replacing them for an incredible variety of uses.

At the Singapore show there was a drone “almost everywhere you turn,” the Bloomberg reporters said. In 2015, there were about 320,000 airplanes in active use around the world, while customers bought 4.5 million drones. They noted that the media announcements coming out every day about drones are “just the tip of the iceberg.”

Market researchers have documented an impressive array of drone applications now and to come. Goldman Sachs forecast a $38 billion drone market by 2020, of which $21 billion are commercial drones and 3.3 b. for consumer drones.**

Already drones are used to:

  • Showcase real estate property.
  • Inspect structures and track work at construction jobsites.
  • Pinpoint the most affected areas after a natural disaster.
  • Monitor processes at oil and gas refineries and check pipelines safety.
  • Measure tailings at mine sites.
  • Safety check bridges, tunnels, and other civic infrastructure.
  • Find and rescue people in harm’s way.
  • Count endangered species on land and at sea.
  • Help firefighters, police and other first responders optimize resources.
  • Help news reporters cover breaking stories.

Almost anything that needs seeing or counting can be made more efficient and less risky with a drone.

Our customers tell us about the value they’ve found in our drones. Their stories run something like this:

“On my very first flight, I was able to inspect my paddock, count the horses and verify fences, without having to mount up and ride through it. The drone made quick and easy work of a time-consuming daily task.”

“I use drones to monitor plant health over the life of the crop, get early warning of trouble spots like predators, soil erosion or ponding, and keep detailed records over time to track yields. Drones opened up a new world of data that helps make my operation more efficient.”

We see a future that is even bigger.

Blockchain technology is powering a revolution in how people exchange information. Blockchain is like a highly secure distributed ledger of transactions. Today it’s used to help secure online voting, digital rights protection, and other applications that demand absolute data integrity.

Drones are at heart a data collection platform. We believe blockchain will give drones a way not only to protect their data but also to verify the integrity of the information they collect.

That’s potentially huge. Artificial intelligence and blockchain together will enable drones to adapt autonomously to new situations—not just avoiding obstacles or maintaining course like driverless cars—but to see and to think.

What we see is a future with decentralized drone operation scaling up unimaginably, with potentially hundreds of thousands of virtual eyes in the sky in one area acting together or independently, blockchain and AI enabling them to verify what they see so they can understand, and change what they do.

The sky is not the limit when it comes to drones.

*Bloomberg News, “The Future of Flying Is All About Drones,” Feb. 8, 2018
*Goldman Sachs, “Drones: Flying Into the Mainstream,” March, 2016

Putting Your Drone to Work

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Making money from your drone can be fun and provide extra income or even be a full-time job, but there are a few things you need to know before you start. The good news: your first job just might pay for the drone and all the trimmings like extra batteries!

Here are our suggestions:

(1) Write out what you want to do with a drone. These could include:

  • Weddings,
  • Marketing real estate from homes to hotels,
  • Covering sporting events,
  • Property inspections,
  • Checking a construction jobsite,
  • Agricultural mapping or images over time to monitor crop health,
  • Infrastructure inspection and looking into difficult-to-see places like gutters and rooftops,
  • Newsgathering,
  • Movies,
  • And wherever your imagination takes you.

(2) Write out what you want in a drone. Drones take pictures so it should definitely have a 4K camera and Smart Hover,™ i.e. the ability to stay in place even in winds. It should also have autoflight capability so it will return home automatically if the battery runs low or if it loses the signal from your controller. Look at what others have done and consider if you want to, too.

(3) Use your own, or buy, a smartphone or a tablet.

Use a smartphone if you’re going to use a dedicated controller. It will display the video and still images from the drone, and overlay this with important flight information like altitude, direction, speed, etc. A dedicated controller generally offers a greater range and a greater degree of precision in flying over using a mobile device alone.

If you want a big screen, use a tablet as a standalone controller.

(4) Make sure to check any regulations or restrictions in your area, for example no-fly zones or if you need a pilot’s certificate.

(5) Practice, practice, practice:

  • Read the owner’s manual front to back. Learn the drone’s auto flight capabilities so you’ll know exactly what it will do under different circumstances.
  • Consider buying a nano-sized drone to practice with first. You’ll learn basic flying skills without any risk of damaging your more costly aerial camera.
  • Fly your work drone in little baby steps in a large safe area until you know where each control is and are comfortable using it.

(6) Create a great sample reel showing off your drone skills to post to your company page on Facebook or elsewhere. Consider approaching at least one business opportunity as a loss leader so you can acquire this footage for your reel.

(7) Make lists of your target opportunities. If a business, show them your reel and tell them how much they can save over more costly and riskier manned inspections. If a wedding or other personal photography, show them dramatic shots of people having fun, lifetime memories they couldn’t get any other way. Seeing is believing: if possible, offer to fly your drone then and there so they can see for their selves.

There are a ton of ways to earn money by putting your drone to work. You just need to put your mind to work to imagine and go out after them.

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ULTRA™ is the New Super

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At MOTA we designed a universally appealing drone in terms of aesthetic appeal, but also a drone that requires less than 5 minutes to go from novice to pro. Today, recreational freedom comes in the shape of the world’s easiest drone to fly: ULTRA. This little guy is big enough to chase your pets around the house, small enough to fit in your hands and quick enough to make you feel like King Kong trying to swat it out of the sky. What makes it unquestionably attractive is not just the smooth matte-black finish or it’s silky pearl-white curves, but its fancy pro-features now compartmentalized into this tiny drone.

Yes, it has a camera, yes, it can auto-hover in place while you tie your shoelaces, yes, it can land on its own with the push of a button, but no it’s not smart enough to babysit your kids, at least not yet. You know what the coolest part about this drone is? You guessed it, it’s Mobile App Integrated! Fly it from your phone, stream on your phone, share it with friends and most importantly take selfies with it. How cool is that?! ULTRA is our little drone filled with intrepid adventures and we want to share the joy with everyone! Check out our page for more info

In New York in February? Check Out Our Drones at Toy Fair!

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Toy Fair LogoToy Fair is one of the largest toy shows in the world. It’s where most every child would like to be, and we’ll be there next month with a flock of new drones.

They run from battle-ready, kid-friendly micro fliers to a compact high-performance camera drone that’s smaller than a sheet of paper but captures stunning 4K video from thousands of feet away.

And we’ll have our JETJAT ULTRA, selected by parents, industry experts and journalists as a finalist for 2017 Toy of the Year. Small enough to hide in a teacup, the ULTRA sends video right to your smartphone.

Take our latest drones up for a spin. Toy Fair opens at the Javits Center Saturday, February 18, and runs through Tuesday, February 22. We’ll be in booth 5947 on the first floor.

TOTY Finalist




Mota Rules the Skies @ CES

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Held each January in Las Vegas, CES is one of the largest consumer electronics shows in the world.


ces post image


We showed off cool new products, from the palm-sized JETJAT Striker drones—battle-tough, kid-friendly micro drones just for play—to a very large drone for extended operations like search and rescue in harsh weather.


We also showed off JETJAT JoJo, new to our drone line-up. Smaller than a sheet of paper, it packs a 14-megapixel camera for stunning 4K video, optical sensors for precise flight indoors as well and out and autoflkight software to make drone piloting easy. It takes camera drones to new heights of image quality and performance.


Both the Strikers and JoJo will be available very soon at major retailers.


More than 175,000 people came to CES. Now it’s on to New York and Toy Fair in February!

New iPhones Tomorrow

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iPhone line-up


Apple unveils its newest iPhone line up tomorrow at 10:00 PT.

By many measures the iPhone 6s is the best-selling smartphone in the world. So, how could they improve on it?

Well, their phones could be even thinner and lighter. And of course higher performance.

Our sources in the heart of Shenzhen and elsewhere tell us what you can look for. In decreasing probability:

  • Apple Lightning connector / Bluetooth replacing the earbud jack for thinner design.
  • Cooler colors.
  • Increased water resistance.
  • New dual-camera system.
  • Higher-capacity storage.
  • Better optical image stabilization, including for smaller models.
  • Fingerprint reader.
  • Wireless charging.
  • 3D Touch or Force Touch home button, or even no home button at all.
  • Edge-to-edge organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen.
  • Iris scanner.

Mmmm, we’d love to see that OLED screen, whether watching a movie or using VR to pilot a drone.
Headphone jack OTOH, meh, no great loss: that technology’s been around since the beginning of landline telephones, longer even than museum pieces like folding maps and floppy disks.

Whatever Cupertino dishes up tomorrow, we’ll be there for you with accessories to make Apple’s latest phones even more fun and useful than they promise to be.

And those of you wanting to just hang on to what you’ve got, we’ve got you covered with a stylish array of MOTA mobile accessories. They’ll help keep your devices protected, juiced up, and raring to go.


MOTA Father’s Day Appreciation Guide

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We know just how important Father’s Day is. Fathers are a rare breed. In fact, there are some that really go the extra mile. Did you know that in the underwater world of seahorses, it’s the male that gets to carry the eggs and birth the babies? How’s that for a little fatherly love?

Census data shows there are more than 70.1 million dads in the U.S. alone. That’s a whole lot of dads. Why not make yours happy on this special day and give him the gift of cool? And for that, we got you covered.

Mota offers a wide range of recreational drones and consumer electronics perfect for the dad or dads in your life. From ways to keep him cool in the summer heat with our great-looking FanFan, to capturing life’s unforgettable moments with our tiny JETJAT Nano-C camera drone, keep your dad happily in the tech loop.

Follow the link for cool gift ideas:

Mini Video, Outsized Drone Strategy

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Everyone likes miniature things. Just think of anything that can come in mini sizes and realize how amazing it is. Mini ponies. Mini vacations. Mini malls. Minnie Mouse? Okay maybe the last one is a different kind of mini but you get the point.

That’s why we have this mini video showing you the latest buzz on our smart drones from CES Asia 2016. Even with a tagline like mini, this video is packed with so much information we should change the title to huge or monstrous. But, we’re not going to do that. Instead you’ll get to watch over a minute of exhilarating footage packed into a mini package.

Here’s a little peek into just how much buzz the JETJAT Nano-C is receiving.

MOTA Drones Streak through Toy Fair

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You made it through the Big Easy’s Mardi Gras, or maybe you’re gearing up for the Grammys in L.A., but if you’re in New York City this week, you’re probably wishing for temps out of the single digits.

Toy Fair could be enough to warm your heart. It’s one of the largest toy shows in the world, and we’re there with our newest just-for-fun drones!

One of them, the world’s littlest, even goes on an adventure. In an illustrated story we’re showing at our booth, JETJAT Nano™ takes off exploring. He has several airborne scrapes before his family finds him again.

It’s what Dr. Seuss might have written had The Cat in the Hat flown a drone on his own, and not too different from the rave reviews for Nano in WIRED magazine, Amazon, and elsewhere!

You can create your own Nano story: test fly the little guy right there, or take his newer brother, JETJAT Nano-C, up for a spin.

Think Nano plus a camera, making Nano-C the world’s smallest,lightest video drone.

Add a few more gumballs and you’ll get JETJAT Live-W. It’s small enough to land on your palm but smart enough to record live streams in hi def for a thrilling bird’s eye view of the show floor.

We’re also showing off our many other premium toys such as the Kendama wooden ball game of skill, fire truck engines that shoot real water, ultra-realistic construction trucks, and foam play and puzzle mats for the very young.

If you want to play with any of them, better hurry. The show opened this past Saturday and runs only through tomorrow, Tuesday. We’re in booth 4989 on the first floor of the Javits Center.