Reporters from Bloomberg News had their eyes opened at the Singapore Airshow this month. “The future of aviation is on display in a cavernous exhibition hall at Asia’s largest airshow,” they wrote, “and it’s drones.” For the last few months, we‘ve been asking people to imagine a world, where, when you open your door, drones will be flying everywhere. That future is now. Drones have made inroads at lightning speed against manned aircraft like helicopters and planes, replacing them for an incredible variety of uses. At the Singapore show there was
February 14, 2018

Putting Your Drone to Work

Making money from your drone can be fun and provide extra income or even be a full-time job, but there are a few things you need to know before you start. The good news: your first job just might pay for the drone and all the trimmings like extra batteries! Here are our suggestions: (1) Write out what you want to do with a drone. These could include: Weddings, Marketing real estate from homes to hotels, Covering sporting events, Property inspections, Checking a construction jobsite, Agricultural mapping or images over time
February 23, 2017

ULTRA™ is the New Super

At MOTA we designed a universally appealing drone in terms of aesthetic appeal, but also a drone that requires less than 5 minutes to go from novice to pro. Today, recreational freedom comes in the shape of the world’s easiest drone to fly: ULTRA™. This little guy is big enough to chase your pets around the house, small enough to fit in your hands and quick enough to make you feel like King Kong trying to swat it out of the sky. What makes it unquestionably attractive is not just the
Toy Fair is one of the largest toy shows in the world. It’s where most every child would like to be, and we’ll be there next month with a flock of new drones. They run from battle-ready, kid-friendly micro fliers to a compact high-performance camera drone that’s smaller than a sheet of paper but captures stunning 4K video from thousands of feet away. And we’ll have our JETJAT ULTRA, selected by parents, industry experts and journalists as a finalist for 2017 Toy of the Year. Small enough to hide in a
Held each January in Las Vegas, CES is one of the largest consumer electronics shows in the world.     We showed off cool new products, from the palm-sized JETJAT Striker drones—battle-tough, kid-friendly micro drones just for play—to a very large drone for extended operations like search and rescue in harsh weather.   We also showed off JETJAT JoJo, new to our drone line-up. Smaller than a sheet of paper, it packs a 14-megapixel camera for stunning 4K video, optical sensors for precise flight indoors as well and out and autoflkight