Automatic Pet Feeder

Perfect Pet Dinner


It's Time to Eat.

Call Your Pet To Dinner!


Battery Powered.

Place It Anywhere!


Happy pet. Happy owner.

With the MOTA Perfect Pet Dinner, you can leave your home secure in the knowledge that your cat or dog will always have the right amount of food at the moment they expect it, and not a minute later.

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Just the right amount.

Perfect Pet Dinner enables you to monitor the amount of food served at each sitting, and empowers pet owners everywhere through a dietary plan that will help their pets shed pounds and be more healthy.

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Cups of Food
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Large capacity hopper.

The MOTA Automatic Pet Dinner is big enough to hold at least 7lbs of food, but small enough to not look cluttered in your home. You’ll never be left wondering whether or not your pet has enough kibble to keep their bellies content for a week or more.

perfect pet dinner feeder

The future of feeding.

The LCD on the back of the device gives you a unique opportunity to carefully track and manage your pet’s meal plan, from the number of times they eat per day, to the amount they receive in each bowl.

Ring the dinner bell.

With the MOTA Perfect Pet Dinner, you can easily record your own voice right onto the bowl itself, and give your pet a personalized call every time their food is available.

Easy to set up.

The auto pet feeder is simple to program the desired portion and feeding schedule. The large LCD displays time, meals programmed, meal sizes, and meals served.

K-9 and feline food friendly.

Maintain adequate feeding portions for your pet as this automatic pet feeder accurately dispenses dry foods in various sizes and shapes; suitable for adult dog food to kitten kibble. The portion control ability allows pet owners to train their pets to maintain a healthy feeding regimen.

My pets use to be obese but thanks to MOTA automatic pet feeder, he's healthy again!

Robert C.

What a fantastic product! I can leave my pet without worrying if they will starve to death! Thanks MOTA

Mindy S.

I can program and setup my voice to call my dog to come eat, definitely saves me so much time.

Thomas E.

Technical Specifications

Device Specifications:

  • Dimensions 15.25″ x 8.6 ” x 15.2″
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs

Package Contents:

  • Removable feeding bowl
  • Transparent food container
  • Hopper lid
  • Dispenser with large LCD and microphone

Additional Information:

*Requires 3 D-sized batteries. Batteries not included.

Batteries last up to 6 months.

automatic pet feeder

Frequently Asked Questions

How much food can this pet feeder hold?

The MOTA automatic pet feeder can hold up to 7 pounds of dry food.

What can I expect from my warranty plan?

All MOTA products carry a 1-year Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Please see

Would my pet be able to force their way in for food?

Most unlikely as the automatic pet feeder was designed to prevent unauthorized food access.

What type of battery does this run on?

The pet feeder requires 3 D size batteries to operate.