Technical Specifications

Product Features

  • Attach phone to headset to experience virtual reality flight with your JETJAT drone.
  • straps and padding provide a comfortable experience
  • adjustable lenses ensure correct focus points for any user
  • visor on front allows natural light in to help diffuse nausea
  • Added integration with JETJAT drones

Product Specifications

Unit Dimensions L x W x H (in): 7.75  x 5.25 x 4

Unit Weight (g): About 350

Phone Compatibility: Most Phones, including iPhone 6 Plus

Package Contents

1 VR Headset

1 Cartridge to hold smartphone

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this headset make me dizzy?

No, our VR headset can be custom fit to match your vision needs. Lenses move forward, backward, or in or out for user preference.

Is this headset just for your drones?

No, although our VR headset has integrated technology to work extremely well with our drones, it can still be used just like any other virtual reality headset, for things like 360 videos or virtual games.

This drone works with JETJAT ULTRA now, will it work with your other drones?

Yes! We will be rolling out updates for all of our other drones soon on their apps.