Our culture has one bedrock principle: be there for your team and your team will be there for you.

Every year, thousands apply to Mota Group, but we select only a handful. Once you join us though, you’ll see yourself in a fun, smart, and informal atmosphere in which you’re given a lot of trust.

Mota is built on the foundation of our employees. We’re a community of exceptionally talented individuals from diverse backgrounds who love working together. Each one of us works like a clock gear, together, and is able and willing to help wherever it’s needed. You’ll need to be able to work hard in an exceptionally fast-paced environment, communicate superbly with your colleagues, prize continual learning, and be fanatical about knowing what we do and where we’re headed.

In return we’ll give you real responsibility, involve you in decision making, challenge you every step of the way, and celebrate your contributions. We take care of our own, so along with the job will come a huge helping of fun in and outside the office.

So please go ahead, if you feel you’re a match and have the personality for intensely great teamwork, please send in your resume. We give each one our undivided attention.

Hope to see you here!

Six top reasons to join us:

Help bring the world ultra-cool intelligent drones and consumer electronics.

Awesomely talented people who work in closely collaborative teams.

Unparalleled career development opportunities.

First-class compensation and benefits packages, including wellness programs.

A brand that represents the cutting edge in high-tech consumer electronics.

 Real Responsibility and trust.

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