Pilot a MOTA drone.

MOTA offers the broadest range of consumer and professional drones. With the industry’s most capable drone fleet, our commercial platforms make flight business-simple for mission-critical work in agriculture, cinematography, defense, energy, real estate and more! Headlining our line-up is the best-selling and highly reviewed JETJAT® Nano, the world’s smallest and lightest toy drone. We bring the thrill of flight and drone ownership to everyone.

Extended flight time and range with higher payload capability for cameras and sensors, optional DRONE HANDS™ Flight Management System for autonomous flight and payload handling.

The world’s smallest and lightest drone. Fly it over the house, around a tree, and in your living room! Stores snugly in its own controller.

Selectable flight patterns, HD video-streaming, follow-me, return home, dual GPS, and more.

 The world’s smallest video drone. Capture memories from a vantage point never before possible.

Six motors for unparalleled stability, responsiveness, and maneuverability.

HD video capture, live streaming video display.

One-touch takeoff, one-touch landing, and selectable flight patterns.

One-Touch take-off and landing, auto-hover and live-streaming video display.