More Power,
More Style,
More Protection.

MOTA iPhone 5/5s Battery Case with Kickstand nearly doubles the life of your iPhone to help you make it through your busy day or fun-filled weekend! It’s slim design will make you forget that you are carrying extra power on the go.

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Power up on the go.

Comes with a Micro-USB charging cable that is simply plugged into the side of your battery case. This lets you charge not only your case, but also bring your iPhone to a complete charge – all in just one charging session. Feel free to rock on!

Slim & sexy profile.

Light, thin, and comfortable in your hand while offering that extra juice you need.

iPhone Battery Case Black

Up to 100% extra battery life.

Go ahead, enjoy that night out, now that you have extra battery life in your pocket.


Make your life a little easier.

The LED power indicator flashes to indicate the remaining battery life until out of power. With the simple toggle style on-off power switch, charging can be stopped anytime. This makes controlling your extra power easy.

Hours Standby TIme
Hours Talk Time
Hours Audio Time
Hours Video Time

Diversify yourself.

With four different colors to choose from, you can reveal your personality while making a statement.

One year warranty.

If you are not satisfied with your product, we are more than happy to replace it for you; no questions asked.

Definitely a must have add on for any iPhone fan! A quality product from MOTA like always.

Jennifer Dang

This is the best battery case ever created! I'm in love with this new case. Thank you MOTA!

Joe Ma

This incredible battery case gives me the extra power I need on my long business trips.

Kevin M.

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Technical Specifications

Device Specifications:

  • Input: 5.0V/1.0A (Max)
  • Output: 5.0 ± .25V/ 1.0A
  • Capacity: 2400 mAh
  • Dimensions: 16.6 X 62.3 X 137 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 80g

Package Contents:

  • Power Pack
  • USB Power Cable
  • User Manual
  • 2 Frames
  • Audio Jack Cable
  • Screen Protector

Additional Information:

  • Standby: Up to 255 hours
  • Talk: Up to 8 hours
  • Audio: Up to 40 hours
  • Internet: Up to 8 hours
  • Video: Up to 10 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use my iPhone 5/5s with this battery case?

Definitely. This case was perfectly engineered to protect your iPhone against any short-circuit, over-charging, and malfunction under extreme conditions.

How much additional power will I get with this battery pack?

This will vary depending on how you use your phone. Typical users will experience nearly double the amount of energy duration as compared to their regular iPhone without an extended battery case.

Is this battery case compatible with my iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s?

The MOTA extended battery case for iPhone 5/5s is “MFI” which means it is made specifically for iPhones and has been certified by apple to be compatible with all iOS versions.

What can I expect from my warranty plan?

High quality is a big part of our culture at MOTA. Unless stated otherwise, MOTA products carry a 1-Year Limited Warranty against defects in material and workmanship. If you believe your product is not performing as it should, please contact MOTA Customer Support via

How does the extended battery work?

There is an LED power indicator flashes to indicate the remaining battery life until out of power. With the simple toggle style on-off power switch, charging can be stopped anytime. This makes controlling your extra power easy.

I lost my user manual, where would I be able to find a new one?

No worries. We have provided an online copy of the product manual here.

What should I use the kickstand for?

The hidden kickstand placed on the backside of the case makes it easier for watching movies or video chatting your favorite buddies

What type of battery does this case run on?

MOTA Battery Extender Case is Apple Certified and has the same battery used in your Apple iPhone 5 which means you can charge your iPhone from 0 to 100% with its internal Lithium-ion polymer battery.

Will I still be able to use all my ports and controls with this battery case on?

Of course. The sleek design allows easy open access to all ports, functions, controls, speakers and cameras.

When should I power up the battery case?

We recommend that you turn on the battery case when your iPhone 5 power is around 20% to maximize the extra juice you receive from the extended case.

Does this battery pack interfere with my mobile reception?

Absolutely not. There is no interference at all.