Commercial Series Workhorses

From models with fully autonomous programmable flight to platforms you can get airborne in seconds, our commercial drones can take on almost any task.


Above and Beyond.


MOTA GIGA-8000 is a highly versatile platform for airborne missions large and small. Available REMOTE HANDS™ Flight Management System, only from MOTA, lets you optimize your GIGA-8000 for almost any mission. Agricultural, disaster response, energy, industrial, military—whatever the job, GIGA-8000 gets it done.

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Airborne Efficiency.


Sophisticated flight control software provides a stable platform for videography and other tasks. Pre-selected flight patterns for ease of navigation, full manual flight capability, return home, autoland, Flight Hover Control™ and more make it ideal for quick impromptu as well as pre-planned flights.

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Six-Rotor Agility.

MOTA Pro Live-5000™

Six rotors for unrivaled nimbleness. Pitch it over, fly it on its side or upside down, maneuver it quickly, speed to a point quickly, Pro Live-5000 brings a new level of high-performance flight to larger-model drones.

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Fight or Flight.

MOTA Pro Live-4000

The Pro Live-4000 packs Wi-Fi and live-video recording capabilities which can be transmitted directly to the 2.4GHz controller via the built-in LCD screen. With the push of one button the drone can fly away to capture amazing footage and just as easily land at your feet with the push of that same button!

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