ULTRA™ is the New Super

By February 23, 2017Blog

At MOTA we designed a universally appealing drone in terms of aesthetic appeal, but also a drone that requires less than 5 minutes to go from novice to pro. Today, recreational freedom comes in the shape of the world’s easiest drone to fly: ULTRA. This little guy is big enough to chase your pets around the house, small enough to fit in your hands and quick enough to make you feel like King Kong trying to swat it out of the sky. What makes it unquestionably attractive is not just the smooth matte-black finish or it’s silky pearl-white curves, but its fancy pro-features now compartmentalized into this tiny drone.

Yes, it has a camera, yes, it can auto-hover in place while you tie your shoelaces, yes, it can land on its own with the push of a button, but no it’s not smart enough to babysit your kids, at least not yet. You know what the coolest part about this drone is? You guessed it, it’s Mobile App Integrated! Fly it from your phone, stream on your phone, share it with friends and most importantly take selfies with it. How cool is that?! ULTRA is our little drone filled with intrepid adventures and we want to share the joy with everyone! Check out our page for more info https://www.mota.com/ultra/

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