The Most Fun JETJAT Yet!

As seen on TV, featured on Amazon’s Holiday Toy List and now TOY OF THE YEAR FINALIST – Live streaming to your phone, aerial flips, and powerful thrust coupled with brand new features never before seen in a nano drone create the ULTRA experience of flight.


Virtual Reality Flight


The ULTRA has been integrated with our latest product, the TAMO C-Future Virtual Reality Headset so that you can truly fly FPV through your drone’s eyes. In the app simply turn on VR mode and your phone is ready to be placed into the VR headset for virtual flight.


The World’s Easiest Drone to Fly

Finally a drone for everyone young and old – with the JETJAT ULTRA simply click a button to auto take off, maintain altitude, and land like a pro with auto land. Built to fit right inside its controller for incredibly easy transport to your kid’s next birthday party or family outing.


One-Touch Take Off

Hold it naturally and you have full 4-channel control of direction and thrust, flips and tricks, and auto take-off and landing with the touch of your right bumper. Reduce all flight risk by 100% just by flying with our JETJAT ULTRA, it’s that easy.


Throw to Fly

Built for those ready for takeoff, one touch take off and throw it in the air, your ULTRA will hover in place, awaiting command. Match your aviation skills with this revolutionary drone and fly without limits.


Fly With ULTRA Control

Remote Control expands for a natural grip to allow for competitive flight precision. The adjustable smartphone clamp lets you display a thrilling first person view right to your phone.

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Equipped FUN

With exclusive auto pilot features like auto landing, take off and hover, this new drone will sweep the competition and take you to increasingly new heights. Invite your friends over and stay ahead of the pack with ULTRA’s super easy controls and powerful maneuverability.

Flight Time
Touch Take-Off/Landing

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Technical Specifications

Product Features

  • 640 x 480 Camera allows you to record high quality video and take photos

  • Dedicated 4 Channel Controller with 3 Speed Modes

  • Accelerometer  and 6-axis Gyroscope for stable flight

  • Auto pilot features such as: auto-hover and one-touch take-off / landing

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Product Specifications

  • Number of Rotors: 4

  • Product Size L x W x H (in):

  • Flight Time*: 5 min.

  • Charge Time*: 25-30 min.

  • Range*: 30 m.

  • 4 Channel Control

  • Auto-Hover

  • One-Touch Take-Off / Landing

  • Gyroscope Stabilization

  • Accelerometer

  • 3D Tumbling
    *Flight time, range, and charging time may vary depending on flight conditions and battery state.

Package Contents

  • (1) JETJAT ULTRA drone

  • (1) Dedicated Controller (AAA batteries not included)

  • (1) JETJAT ULTRA Owner’s Manual

  • (1) USB Charging Cable

  • (4) Additional Propellers

  • (1) Propeller Guard


Download Owner’s Manual for JETJAT Ultra Drone

Download QuickStart for JETJAT Ultra Drone

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ULTRA differ from the JETJAT Nano and Nano-C?

The Nano has no camera and the Nano-C’s camera records to an onboard removable SD card. The ULTRA is the only Nano-class drone with Wi-Fi streaming. It has other cool features too, such as one-touch landing and auto hover.

Plus the one-touch take-off, lets you fly it right out of its controller! And the controller has adjustable ergonomic grips and a universal clamp to fit most smartphones. We could go on and on but you get the idea that is one desirable drone.

Is there an owner's manual?

Yes our owner’s manual can be downloaded here: JETJAT ULTRA MANAUL

Can it be used on iOS and Androids?

Yes, both phones compatible. Note: tablets and larger phones like the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy edge S7 may not fit on the controller if the phone is in a case of any kind.

Can the JETJAT ULTRA take photos and videos?

The JETJAT ULTRA captures high quality images, video and also has live-streaming capabilities right on your smartphone using our App.

There was no SD card in the drone, how do I record or store my videos or photos?

The JETJAT Nano ULTRA is smartphone compatible. With the push of a button you will be able to take photos and record videos straight to your phone without any additional products like an SD card.

How high can it fly?

The ULTRA can fly up to 25 meters (about 80 feet) in any direction before it loses the controller signal. If that happens, it will crash so always keep it in range and in sight.

How long does it take to charge? And how do you charge it?

From 0% to 100%, the estimated charging time is 20 minutes. That will vary over time, as new batteries, even ones with advanced li-ion chemistry like in the ULTRA, charge quicker than older ones.

I’d like to provide feedback, where do I go?, and for any issues regarding the product itself like shipping or usabilitys issues do not hesitate to issue a ticket with our support team on for assistance.